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Lansdowne History

In the late 1800's, the Whitaker Iron Company mined for ore in Lansdowne. Abandoned pits from the mining were filled up by underground springs creating small ponds and lakes. Lansdowne was mostly farmland, including the Kessler Farm, MacLeod farm and Wades farm.

When the railroad came, Lansdowne became known as B&O town. Most people worked for the B&O, commuting by train to Baltimore City. The first station was named Coursey Station. The Coursey Station senior housing center takes its name from it. 

The two main roads were Hammonds Ferry Road and Hollins Ferry Road, both of which led to the Patapsco River where you could take a ferry across to the other side.

Early churches included the Lutheran Church of our Savior, St. Clements Catholic Church, Lansdowne United Methodist Church, Lansdowne Christian Church and the First Baptist Church. The site of the original wooden school house was on the property that is now St. Clements. 

In the 1950's, housing developments sprang up in the Baltimore Highlands and Riverview areas. Schools were built for these neighborhoods. In Lansdowne, the Lansdowne Elementary School, Lansdowne Junior High (middle school) and Lansdowne Senior High were known as the "Golden Education Triangle".

 In the early 1960's, the B&O closed the railroad crossing and Lansdowne Boulevard was constructed, connecting Lansdowne to Washington Boulevard, bridging over the railroad tracks. A tunnel was also constructed under the tracks for pedestrian crossing. Some old railroad cars were erected as a museum and shopping area alongside Hammonds Ferry Road and the railroad tracks.

In the 1980's, Baltimore County Recreation and Parks opened a large parcel of land for public use. Southwest Area Park is located on the Patapsco River, just below Baltimore Highlands.

A small library was built by Baltimore County in 1966, on Third Avenue. In 1993, the Lansdowne Library was closed due to budget cutbacks. The building is now used as the Police Athletic League Center. In 1989 the Lansdowne/Baltimore Highlands Senior Center was built directly behind the Library building.

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